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Meet the Team at Functional Medicine Florida

Functional medicine is a very specific area that focuses on a few key things: finding the underlying cause of a patient’s health problems, using a laboratory based analysis system to determine what is wrong, using supplements to correct problems with medications as needed, and focusing ever more and more on lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, sleep and meditation.
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American Board of Internal Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine/Geriatrics, American Board of Holistic Medicine
Mercy Catholic Medical Center
Pre-Medicine, Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA
Mercy Catholic Medical Center, Darby, PA
Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA
American Holistic Medical Association, American College for Advancement of Medicine, Institute of Functional Medicine, Sarasota County Medical Society

Fred Harvey

Medical Director

Quadruple Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine and Functional Medicine Certified Institute for Functional Medicine Practitioner

In medical practice in the American “health care” paradigm since 1996, Dr. Fred Harvey has mastered a synergistic east meets west, internal and functional medical practice that few physicians have mastered. With an encyclopedic comprehension of the human body and mind, Dr. Harvey’s intellectual brilliance has ignited thousands of patients to achieve & maintain optimal wellness.

Dr. Harvey’s medical educational and experiential path has been extensive. He is a passionate advocate of wellness, teacher of functional medicine, a lifelong student, and trusted collaborator. He currently teaches his patients and seminar students what their individual bodies need, how the physiological functions operate, and then designs individual lifestyle plans that are not hindered by lack of proper nutrition, intake of non-foods or absorption of harmful chemicals. With a strong focus on preventive care and wellness, Dr. Harvey offers obtainable treatments for complex health challenges in people of all ages. Dr. Harvey provides extensive, specialized one-on-one care starting with the microbiome. He listens intently and provides thorough consultation, accurate diagnosis, testing and treatment within his one to two hour appointments.

Harvey’s philosophy is to prevent disease rather than treat random symptoms by template matching a set of medical insurance codes. For this reason, Dr. Harvey stepped away from the Insurance companies and Medicare’s endlessly binding red tape that limited the HCIM 2 hour consultations and has championed a wellness focused; self-pay practice promoting individual care plans. The way all medical care should be–comprehensive, unhurried and individualized.

Having served the community since 1989, Dr. Harvey’s passion for health has lead to his professional relationship with nutraceutical (supplement) manufacturer Xymogen, Inc. As a founding member of Xymogen’s Board of Advisors, Dr. Harvey has developed specific nutritional formulas and is creating workshop opportunities to educate medical professionals and patients worldwide.

Dr. Fred Harvey is triple American Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine and Functional Medicine. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call The Harvey Center for Integrative Medicine at 941-929-9355. His office is located at 3982 Bee Ridge Road Sarasota, FL 34233.
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Office Manager
Dawn has worked within the medical field since 1996, starting her career in emergency response. Dawn worked in medical practice management in Radiology and Rheumatology. Dawn joined the Harvey Center team as Office Manager in 2014 to direct practice operations, finances, train and manage staff, and support exceptional customer care.


Tracy is the Registered Nurse at the Harvey Center for Integrative Medicine, specializing in IV Therapy in collaboration with Dr. Fred Harvey. She came to us with 25 years of nursing experience having worked extensively in Radiology. She also worked for a physician who specialized in Lyme disease.


Medical Assistant
Kerry has been part of our team since 2015. Prior to The Harvey Center, Kerry orchestrated the front desk for the Lemire Clinic, a functional medicine clinic that also features Xymogen products. Kerry understands the importance of good nutrition and the benefits of natural supplements.


Supplement Specialist
Haylee began her career at the Harvey Center as a Patient Coordinator and earned the promotion to Supplement Specialist. Health and nutrition are very important to her. You may remember, that (Haylee's mom) our Medical Assistant Kerry began her career at The Harvey Center as a Supplement Specialist. Outstanding customer service, wellness education, a big heart and being organized must run in the family!


Cody is the exceptional Phlebotomist in The Harvey Center lab. He began his career with Atherotech Diagnostics Lab and Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Cody attended Sarasota County Technical Institute, graduating top of his class. He owns and operates "Location Blood Draw Services, LLC" and works in the Harvey Center patients on Monday and Thursday mornings by appointment.


Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach
Sara Winer completed her training at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, in collaboration with IFM, in 2018. She works with practitioners in supporting and empowering clients to take control of their own health and well-being. Sara emphasizes moving at a pace comfortable for her clients, to help them make sustainable and impactful lifestyle changes. Sara is also a Certified Personal Trainer.


Patient Coordinator
Marissa is an excellent fit for the patient coordinator position, with a depth of medical experience. She was a phlebotomy technician at Sarasota Memorial Hospital as well as a patient coordinator in a large medical practice. Marissa began her medical career in 2010 as a volunteer EMT and then achieved her Paramedic certification in 2013.

Marissa has energetically jumped right into The Harvey Center’s patient coordinator role. Her smile is the first you’ll see at checking in. She takes pride in providing exceptional customer service. Welcome Marissa!


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