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As you grow older, your body can experience multiple changes and age is only one factor that may contribute to health concerns. With Dr. Fred Harvey and his team, you can rely on our brain health professionals for age-friendly preventive care and early diagnosis to keep minor problems from becoming serious.

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Understanding Brain Health

Brain health refers to how well a person’s brain functions across several areas. Aspects of brain health include:

  • Cognitive Health: How well you clearly think, learn, and remember. It is an important component of performing everyday activities. 
  • Motor Function: How well you make and control movements, including balance
  • Emotional Function: How well you interpret and respond to emotions (pleasant and unpleasant)
  • Tactile Function: How well you feel and respond to sensations of touch

Brain health can be affected by age-related changes in the brain, injuries such as stroke or traumatic brain injury, mood disorders such as depression, substance use disorder or addiction, and diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. While some factors affecting brain health cannot be changed, there are many lifestyle changes that might make a difference.

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Functional Medicine Florida physicians are trained to focus on the root cause of the problem.

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