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Dr. Fred Harvey is the #1 Solution in Florida for Integrative and Functional Medicine

Dr. Fred Harvey and his team are the #1 Solution in Florida for Functional Medicine

Do you suffer from fatigue, pain, sleep issues, hormonal imbalance, or weight concerns?
Functional Medicine Florida has helped thousands of Floridians achieve optimal health, vibrant energy, and better brain function. Work with a world-class functional medicine physician and health coaches trained to focus on the root cause of the problem. Together, we can heal your body from the inside out.

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Functional Medicine

Addressing Root Cause, Preventing Disease, and Empowering Patients To Wellness.
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Meet with Dr. Harvey and his team who will assess your needs, review your medical history, and suggest a treatment plan just for you, so you can suffer less and live more.
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Schedule a Virtual Visit: Stay at home and talk to Dr. Harvey and his team on your phone or laptop computer. Learn about treatment options and see if you need to come into the office.
We are located at: 3982 Bee Ridge Rd. Building H, Suite J, Sarasota, FL 34233
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If you believe that “prevention is the best cure,” you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Functional Medicine Florida, the oldest, most established functional and holistic medicine center in Sarasota.
From Left to Right, Justin Lam, ABAAHP, FMNM, Nutritional Coach; Dorine RDN, MS, MPH, Registered Dietician; Michael Lam, MD, MPH, ABAAAM, Executive Advisor; Carrie Lam, MD, ABAARM, FAAMFM, Medical Director; Jeremy Lam, MD, ABAARM, FAAMFM, Executive Director; Emily Lam, RN, BSN, Nurse Manager.

What is Integrative Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a very specific area that focuses on a few key things: finding the underlying cause of a patient’s health problems, using a laboratory based analysis system to determine what is wrong, using supplements to correct problems with medications as needed, and focusing ever more and more on lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, sleep and meditation.
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Primary Care in General Practice

When you receive primary care services at the Lam Clinic, the well-qualified staff there provides care for general illness and injury. If you are seeking a long-term professional relationship with a primary care provider, you need look no farther than the Lam Clinic. We provide care for mild to moderate illness or injuries along with general routine wellness evaluations.
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Dr. Fred Harvey

Certified Institute for Functional 
Medicine Practitioner
Meet our Medical Director, Dr. Fred Harvey, the longest standing functional medicine physician in Sarasota and the host of the Healthy Steps Talk Show.
Quadruple Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Functional, and Holistic/Integrative Medicine
Over 30 years of experience
Philosophy of preventing disease rather than treating symptoms
Served thousands of Floridians
3982 Bee Ridge Rd. Building H, Suite J
Sarasota, FL 34233
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The Healthy Steps Radio Show

Health news and discussion with Dr Fred Harvey, MD.

The Conditions We Treat

At Functional Medicine Florida, we treat a wide variety of medical conditions. We use the latest state of the art equipment and offer the most effective treatments. As we are upgrading our equipment continually and mastering new cutting edge diagnostics and treatments, the following is a growing list of what we treat. Even if your condition is not listed below, please call our office and inquire for further information.
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