Essential Wellness Tips for Healthy Eco Travel

As the seasons transition from the vibrancy of spring into the warmth of summer, our thoughts naturally turn towards travel and exploration. In my practice, I have observed an interest among both patients and colleagues in eco-travel. This is not merely a trend—it’s a profound shift towards experiencing new destinations in a manner that nourishes the soul while respecting our planet’s delicate, valuable ecosystems. 

Exploring diverse, foreign lands can offer unparalleled opportunities for growth and learning. But it carries a unique set of challenges, particularly to our health. The stress of adapting to new cultures or languages—not to mention the physical strain of travel itself—can tax our immune systems more than we might realize.  

Essential Health Strategies for the Eco-Conscious Traveler  

  • Hydration: This cannot be overstated. Optimal hydration is the cornerstone of physical health, especially in unfamiliar climates. I counsel my patients to aim for at least half an ounce of water per pound of body weight each day. But if you are outside in the heat in the summer, increase this water intake by about another liter. 
  • Moderation in Alcohol Consumption: Some travelers want to enjoy alcoholic beverages while on vacation, but moderation is advisable. Exceeding two ounces per day can strain the body, impacting both the immune system and overall health. 
  • Core Supplements: A regimen of multivitamins, vitamin D, and fish oil forms the bedrock of nutritional support. These vital nutrients offer a spectrum of benefits, from supporting immune function to enhancing mood state and cognitive health. 
  • Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids: My personal travel kit always includes Bio C 1:1. The synergy between vitamin C and bioflavonoids is a powerful ally against inflammation while benefiting respiratory and vascular health. Vitamin C can also increase T-cell function, a critical aspect of our viral defense mechanism. 
  • Probiotic Support: Dietary habits will often shift during travel, so take additional precautions to maintain gastrointestinal function. Probiomax DF is my probiotic of choice—its well-researched strains help nurture a healthy microbiome. 
  • Passive Immunity: I often recommend IG 26 DF, a supplement that comes from hyperimmune eggs. This product offers protection against a wide variety of pathogens and is especially beneficial when consuming uncertain water quality abroad. 
  • Herbal Immune Boosters: Viragraphis is another staple in my travel health arsenal. This blend of Andrographis, licorice root, and Indigowoad will bolster immune function, combat inflammation, and maintain respiratory health. This makes it a prudent choice for immunity enhancement.  

Eco-travel presents a unique opportunity to reconnect with the natural world in a way that is both enriching and respectful. As we embark on these journeys, let us do so with a commitment to our well-being and the health of the environments we visit. By adopting a mindful approach to our travel preparations, we not only ensure our own wellness but also contribute to the vitality of the communities and natural landscapes that welcome us.  

Dr. Havey has created a comprehensive wellness package to simplify maintaining your health while traveling. This kit includes all the supplements mentioned to support your immune function and ensure a healthful journey. Travelers can enjoy their experiences, knowing their well-being is taken care of with quality, doctor-advised solutions.

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